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4 Major Benefits of Aloe Vera and Why You Should Look For It In Your Skincare

The Aloe Vera plant, sometimes referred to as the “lily of the desert,” is a plant that you should look for in your skincare’s ingredient list for many reasons. We are all on the same quest ~ to look as young as we possibly can for as long as we... Read more →

How To Tell If Your Moisturiser Is Actually Organic: The Fool-proof Guide

When you buy a new moisturiser (or any other type of beauty products for that matter), do you look for labels that contain buzzwords like "all natural", "organic", "contains plant extracts", "essential oils", "with active ingredients" etc. to ensure that you're paying for a top quality product? Well, I'm sure... Read more →

Cosmetic Ingredients To Avoid: A Beginner's Guide To The Dirty Dozen

As you already know, Lovage is passionate about bringing you the purest and cleanest beauty products in the market, so you can look good, feel great and stay healthy in the process. It was important for me, when I founded Lovage, to educate myself on what ingredients to avoid. I... Read more →



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